This is a full shade Hosta plant.  It grows BEST in shade.  Behold it’s beauty…it THRIVES in darkness.  Like this Hosta, it’s in the darkness that WE grow, not in the light.  It’s in the shade when we can’t see the bright side that we grow the most.  It’s when we get uncomfortable that we morph and change into the beautiful living being we were meant to be.  Embrace our growth and discomfort from all that we have to learn from the darkness.  Because without darkness, we can not know light.  

Today in the Octane Studio we will be riding to discomfort so we can GROW cardiovascularly and find the light at the end of the tunnel (12:50).  See you soon?

No change ever came from a place of comfort. Lean into that discomfort and G R O W babes #reminders #thingsitoldmyselfthismorning