Life is a long winding road full of twists and turns, hills and valleys, dead ends, cul de sacs, round abouts and potholes.  We can actually tell which part of the road we’re on by where we’re at in life.  Are you stuck in a roundabout?  Keep repeating the same old patterns over and over—lose weight, gain it back plus more.  Or maybe you are trapped in a valley—sad, depressed, lonely, embarrassed by how you look.  You MIGHT be at a dead end and have NO idea what to do next—you’ve tried every diet, workout plan and still unable to reach your goals.  Why not check out what’s at the TOP of the hill!!??  Where the view is spectacular and you can see for miles as to what lies ahead….HOW can you get there?  You can ask for HELP!!  ASK!  It’s so easy and understandable. We weren’t meant to go thru life’s ups and downs alone.   How else are you going to navigate thru the winding roads of life?

Power Strength on tap today outside on the lawn.  Fuel Fitness 12:10  You gonna make it?  See you soon, BRING WATER!