Every day is a new day…  I love sunrises!!  They are truly a promise of  a brand new opportunity.  There’s no looking back, can’t change what happened yesterday–no need to dwell on it.  It’s over and done.  All you can focus on or change is what you can do TODAY to make it better.  This mindset shift seems simple in theory, but harder in real life application.  I coach my clients on this all the time.  Here are some simple tips you can start implementing TODAY!

  1. Journal daily 3 things you are grateful for 
  2. Monitor your thoughts, when you start to go down the rabbit hole–redirect yourself  back to what you’re grateful for
  3. Focus on what you CAN change, not on HOW you can’t (or never will change)
  4. CHOOSE to have a great day
  5. Journal nightly at least ONE thing you are proud of for the day

I promise you implementing ANY of these little tips will change your attitude from negative to positive thinking.  Cheers to transformation!

Power Strength is about to take place in the Octane studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 You coming??

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