It’s time I let the cat out of the bag….you ready?  Here goes…. Sometimes I DON’T feel like working out!  YUP!  It’s TRUE!  Sometimes I’m not motivated and struggle to find the gumption to even get my body to move in ANY way shape or form.  SOMETIMES it’s the LAST thing I want to do, or add to my day. 

Yes, here comes the BUT.   Here goes:  BUT….THOSE are the times I need it the most.  NEVER in my entire life have I EVER regretted working out (after it’s done of course).  I’ve never said “gee, I wish I wouldn’t have done that!”  So, what is the trick you ask?

  1.  Just tell yourself, I’m only going to go for 10 minutes, then I can stop.
  2.  After 10 minutes and it’s not that bad, give yourself permission to ONLY go 10 more minutes!
  3.   After 20 minutes PROMISE yourself you’ll only go 10 more.
  4.   You’ll see that after 30 minutes you’ll be telling yourself I can’t quit now!  
  5.   Works EVERY time!

*It doesn’t hurt to have KICKING music or put on a movie or WHATEVER gets you going.  Make sure you drink water, because sometimes lack of motivation is actually just dehydration!  

Boot Camp BABY!  We’re gonna do a little NINJA Warrior workout today!  Sound like a plan?  We gotta prepare for OUTSIDE weather.  Come on over to the Octane Studio and rip it up with me!  Fuel Fitness 12:10. 

Positive Quote: Never trust your fears, they don’t know your strength. www.HealthyPlace.com