Ok now there are NO EXCUSES!  The June Challenge starts TODAY!  Here’s the link to check it out!  And if you don’t have TIME to click on the link, let me just tell you….the challenge today is to do only 1 minute of Grasshoppers!  YUP—that’s it.  Of course if you want to see the VIDEO of how to actually do it, well—then you’ll have to click on the link!  Ha!  Have FUN!  Challenge someone to do it with you….Grass hopper away!  

No one ever took me seriously. I was either too small, or too weak, or too carefree for others to look at me like I could make a difference. But all of those moments where people defeated me for things that weren't necessarily bad things, those moments made me great.  Follow: https://www.pinterest.com/recovery_expert/