Don’t miss an opportunity to get OUTSIDE and move!  Our summer days are SO short make sure your grab as much of them as you can!  Here’s a simple medicine ball workout and you don’t even need a partner!
Medicine ball workout (3 sets, 12 reps)
Tricep squats:  Start with the ball overhead, every time you squat down, lower the ball behind your head.  
Alternating lunge twists:  Lunge forward twisting the ball past your front knee, return to start and switch legs, twisting the ball past the opposite knee. 
Push up ball roll:  With one hand on the ground, one on the ball, do a push up then roll the ball to the other hand and repeat.
V-ups:  Lie on your back, legs straight in the air, ball overhead, crunch up with ball and open legs into a V, reaching thru your legs with the ball, return to start and repeat.

Today is the day we BOOT CAMP Body ATTACK style!  Yes, we’re outside (weather permitting).  Oh what joy, what fun (hopefully there is sun).  See you soon—BRING WATER!

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