I began doing corrective work with Anneliese this past summer of June 2013.  I LIndahave arthritis and gait problems from a severe car accident 16 years ago that has altered my body in ways that had left me weak, tight and increasingly uncomfortable.  When I saw Anneliese’s card in my Chiropractor’s office I knew I needed her help.  I have been very impressed with Anneliese.   I have worked with physical therapists and personal trainers before but her knowledge and skill surpasses anyone in my prior experience.  She’s helped me understand what is happening with my body and given me tools and techniques that I can use to ease my tightness and discomfort.  We are working at strengthening my body in ways that will change my posture and gait that will help my comfort and mobility.  Her guidance has given me the patience needed to address my problems and inspires my commitment to see if I can improve my physical functioning and well-being.  Anneliese is well-known in Helena as a personal trainer and has positively influenced the health of an amazing number of people in our community and I am fortunate to count myself to be one of those.  Linda Sandman

Power thought for the day:  Open new doors to life!  Rejoice in what you have and know that fresh new experiences are always ahead.  Greet the new with open arms….

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