I love Monday’s!  They mark the start of a new week, and are the most POPULAR day to start a new routine, whether it’s a new workout, diet or any sort of a plan.  Monday is a day of RENEWAL!  

Do you find yourself looking at Monday’s as a RE-DO.  Like, you start out with a bang–meal prepping, working out, journaling and doing all the “right stuff” and then by Friday your back to being exhausted, to0 tired to make dinner, just need to unwind with a glass of wine, plop down on the couch and order a pizza?

I get it, it’s easy to peter out with all the weekly stresses of running kids, work duties, house duties, not to mention yard duties now.  It seems impossible to get it ALL done!  

BUT what if we did a mindset RE-FRAME and instead of looking at ALL the daily tasks as IMPOSSIBLE,  we looked at it as I’M POSSIBLE!!  It’s my new thing I’m trying out.  I’m possible!  Here are some GREAT ways to break down the impossible to I’m possible

  1. Do your meal prep AND exercise during the weekend when you actually HAVE the time.  
  2. Change the week from Sunday to Saturday to WEDNESDAY to TUESDAY!  Start planning your menu for the following week on Wednesday, so you can shop and prep Saturday or Sunday!
  3. Organize your day!  Put everything in your calendar but prioritize only 3 of the most important things and focus on them first.  Then you’ll feel accomplished when you get more than that done. 
  4. Don’t neglect your sleep!  You NEED those precious hours as the week goes on.
  5. Don’t eat past 7:00 pm.  You’re body will spend more time digesting and less time sleeping.

These are just a few ideas to help keep your Monday’s and WEEK days fresh.  Take it from a pro…don’t let the week tear you up.  Get thru is and stay renewed not subdued!

Cheers to Mindset Monday!

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