Just yesterday I hosted a mini retreat for my Empowered Living year long coaching program clients.  We foam rolled, stretched and then listened to a guided meditation on muscle relaxation.  And of course we can’t forget a nutritious breakfast of Banana/egg muffins, and Scones.  Thank you Rhonda, Siobhan and Kristen (we missed you) for saying YES to you!!  What a special way to get Sunday kicked off to a great start.  
Here’s a GREAT muscle relaxation technique you can employ anytime ANYWHERE when you’re feeling tense or anxious.

  • Clench the muscle that is tense, hold for 6 seconds and listen to it, take note of what it is telling you.  Focus on that muscle and keep breathing, do not hold your breath.  Then release and feel the difference in the tension.  Take a mental note of how different it feels and then give thanks.  Repeat for all muscles that are bothering you at the time.  Here’s to relaxation. 

This!!!!! Investing in your health now prevents paying expenses of poor health later   And you're worth so very much. Invest in yourself.