I used to wonder why it was so tough for me to stick to a fitness program…

Why I’d start a program for 4 weeks, lose some weight, and then slowly find excuses to quit and then go backwards.

Why I’d be so disciplined for around 6 weeks but then for some reason it would be over. Then i’d give up. Then I’d go back to the way I was before.

Why this happened multiple times a YEAR, and I’d look back over multiple years and show no progress.

Once I created my body transformation, and my clients created theirs…

I started wondering (and asking) them why the things they tried in the past didn’t work, and then what they felt was different about my program.

One of the biggest common denominators?

Rather than a focus on motivation, I focus on fun.

You see, most people think their issue is a lack of “motivation,” but that’s not the problem.

Everyone is highly motivated to do and continue to do the things they find fun. They don’t have to struggle to be disciplined to eat food they like and hang out with people they like and get praise.

They don’t have to struggle. They do it automatically.

Think about your own life, does someone have to “hold you accountable” to things you like? Like eating a pizza or watching your favorite show?

Of course not, you love those things.

And that’s the key to sustainable health. Making the process fun.

Sure accountability is important, especially early on as you’re creating the habit…

But if you’re doing it right…fun is where you’ll end up before long. That’s where you want to be.

Because what’s fun is sustainable. Fun is permanent.

Fun creates automatic motivation.

So no need to try and psyche yourself up to get motivated.

Find a way to do what helps you and is fun too.

That’s the sweet spot.

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