It’s crazy to think that most adults sit 9 – 12 hours daily!  Sitting is now considered the new smoking.  Evidence links sedentary lifestyles to cardiovascular disease and all causes of mortality (Diaz et al. 2017).  The threat  seems evident, but one question remains…can people reduce their risks by taking short breaks during the long periods of sitting still?  Recent research offers some exciting  answers:  Move for 3 minutes of every 30 minutes of sitting still.  Here are 5 sample walking intervals:
Interval                     Brisk Walk                        Recovery walk                            Reps

  1. 30/30                    30 secs                                   30 secs                                      3
  2. 15/15                    15 secs                                   15 secs                                      6
  3. 45/45                    45 secs                                   45 secs                                      2
  4. 8/12                         8 secs                                   12 secs                                      9

*Research by Len Kraavitz, PhD Fitness Journal 2018

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