Remember today LUKE will be teaching TABATA at noon on Monday’s and Cardio/Fusion will be on Wednesday’s from now on!

November 3rd – November 7th Challenge
Monday the 3rd:  30 Chair dips (tricep work off of the edge of your chair)
Tuesday the 4th:  40 Chair pushups (pushups off the edge of your chair)
Wednesday the 5th:  50 Air squats (using your own body weight)
Thursday the 6th:  60 Alternating lunges (stepping forward-alternating legs)
Friday the 7th:  70 Crunches!
You can TOTALLY do this!  Please reply to this blog that you are either IN or OUT and you can even make up a “pretend” name!!
C’MON!  I’m IN!!!  (are you)?

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