There’s NOTHING cooler than being able to support your own body weight with one arm.  I LOVE feeling strong!  It’s so empowering.  

I wasn’t always strong.  In fact, I was quite the opposite.  WEAK is a generous word.  When I graduated high school I was pretty active, then came college and INACTIVITY.  It’s amazing how fast you can lose any fitness you worked so hard to attain.  By the time it was Christmas of my first semester I had gained the beautiful freshman 30!  I went from being active to eating pizza, drinking beer and being…well inactive.  I had lost all my strength, and my confidence.  I was at an all time low and just kept gaining weight.  

It wasn’t until I started having health problems (hypothyroid) and high blood pressure that I realized something had to change.  I was seriously on a fast track to illness.

My ah HA moment came when a friend invited my to go to her aerobic class—I FREAKING loved it.  I was embarrassed as hell, but I did it.  I stood in the back row where no one could see me dying and I made it through the whole class.  I kept forcing myself to keep going to class and then….the scale started to move. One day the instructor asked if I wanted to lead the warm up and well….that’s all it took, the rest is history

I credit her for saving my life…  I never would have tried that on my own.  And now I can say I’ve been teaching group exercise for 28 years.  WOW that’s crazy to think back to those days I couldn’t support my own body weight.

So, what’s the moral?  Empower yourself!  Get strong–mentally AND physically to DO something that challenges you, moves you to the next level.  Get out of your comfort zone and THRIVE!



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