My story continues…after I found fitness, I still hadn’t found HEALTH!  I was what was called “fit fat”.  I was an extremely fit person with a high body fat percentage.  I couldn’t understand why because I was following the LOW FAT DIET religiously.  I worked out sometimes 3X a day.  I would teach a class, go for a run then lift and yet still was fat.  Very frustrating!  Turns out the low fat diet DID NOT WORK for me!  I was eating incorrectly for how my body processed carbs.  It’s amazing what years of trial and error can produce.  Please feel free to share my story with anyone who might benefit from it, or if it speaks to you share your story with me.  I want to hear from you—I want to help you.  I figured it out and I can help YOU figure it out!  Share the love.