Well, I bet you can name at least ONE person in this pic who is BEYOND happy about who’s playing in the Superbowl  (and it ain’t me!)  Yah, it’s kind of interesting watching all the prep that goes into watching a game.  For instance, jersey wearing:  EVERY GAME, football tossing nervously EVERY GAME, pre game, warm ups with the announcers, (who he likes, dislikes). I liken it to food prep for the week.  I know it’s a stretch but it’s still very much a ritual, or a routine that we go through. We make sure everything is just right. We don’t want to forget anything or we might “lose”our gainz game.  Rituals and routine are very important for success and THIS week I would say it paid off!  Congrats Tim!  HOORAH! 

Boot Camp Mania with med balls today!  You ready?  I’m ready TO BE OUTSIDE!  But, that’s not gonna happen, so let’s just make the most of it.  Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness!! 

Push through the burn for a few extra reps. Do an extra cycle of HIIT. Run an unintended 1/2 mile. Turn around as you're about to leave the gym and bang out one last set.  It's amazing how satisfying work that's unexpected, unplanned, or unintended can be. Try it out.

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