A HUGE shout out to C.b. Smith at Salvo Self Defense for coming over to the Force Fitness Studio to present a GREAT seminar on self defense.  We learned how to:

  1. Avoid
  2. Run
  3. De-escalate
  4.  Fight or die

C.b. showed many different techniques on how to get out of a choke hold and a bear hug, as well as how to get away from weapons such as guns or a knives.  VERY interesting stuff and something EVERYONE should know about.  It was GREAT fun for Tim (ok, more for ME to watch Tim)  HA!!  If you’re looking for a GREAT instructor, she is offering a beginner class Saturday Oct. 26, 11:00 am at Helena Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Follow her at Salvo Self Defense!!  Thanks again C.b.!!!


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