I LOVE prizes!  Especially when I get to give them out!  I thought it would be fun to hold a 4 week challenge with me clients.  Each week there’s a different challenge with a different prize.  Oh JOY! 

Week 1 was a Bad Ass Burpee challenge.  It was only 7 days, but on day 1 they had to do 5 burpees and each day had to add 5 more.  Pretty easy and fun right?  HA!  Congrats to Bad Ass Samantha H. for capturing the Bad Ass Burpee prize. 

Week 2 challenge was eat vegan all week and post a pic of the meal.  Now THAT’S a true challenge if you’re a meat lover!  Congrats to Jacquelyn G. for nailing it! 

Week 3 challenge is the workout challenge.  Every time they workout, they have to post a sweaty selfie and tag us (me and my assistant Samantha). Winner yet to be determined!

Week 4 challenge is going to be the BIGGEST one yet.  It’s the logging challenge.  Log food every day, every meal for 7 days straight.  WHAAAAAAT?  

LOVE me some challenges!  Of course it wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a grand prize for the most engaged!  STAY TUNED!  And best of luck to the challengers!

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