Sometimes I get so caught up in the every day mundane daily routines of life that it takes my CATS to remind me that I just need to take a CHILL PILL and relax.  They NEVER get stressed.  They teach me MANY lessons.  Like:  eat when you’re hungry, don’t wolf down your food, SLEEP, play, drink water, LOTS of water….water from a bowl, from a running faucet, from a water glass, from someone else’s water glass, or from the toilet bowl, take in the fresh air, did I say play?  Oh and SLEEP again and again and again.  Sleep is VERY important.  Why is it so hard to do these very simple things?  Because we are ALWAYS last on the list of to do’s!  Let’s put ourselves FIRST and learn from Sansa and Khaleesi.

It’s a great day for POWER STRENGTH!  What does that mean?  It means we will be lifting stuff with some POWER!  You coming?  Today at Fuel Fitness 12:10.  See you soon…

Who agrees!?! I've seen this quote of mine going around lately on IG and FB (with an older pic of mine), and posted by WOD Nation! I'm flattered the message is being spread by others. Feel free to share