If you haven’t noticed by now I LOVE TO POST PICS OF FLOWERS!  Why?  They are VISUALLY stimulating.   Out of our 5 senses, one is SIGHT.  Just by looking at a flower we are immediately stimulated, awakened, taking it all in.  The intricacies of a flower with it’s bright colors stimulate the brain to gather more information.  We want to smell it, touch it.  Our sensory system is so detail oriented in sending the signals to the brain in fact, that we make judgments about our bodies based on our sight–like when we look in the mirror.  We judge ourselves based on what we see.  Our brains want more information so we touch and then again judge our bodies based on what we can grab in the mirror.  We become deflated, depressed, sad.  All based on our sense of sight.  WHAT IF we could change our VISION?  What would that be like?  What if you could change what you saw and felt in the mirror?  How would that feel?  Are you ready to change your vision?

Group Cycle today in the Octane studio at 12:10—there is AIR!  Lots of cold air.  You coming? Get your cycle on people!

Transformed people transform people - Richard Rohr