You met Elaine a couple of weeks ago in an interview I did with her in the middle of her 12 week transformation….well it’s now been 12 weeks and THIS is what she had to say about her journey.  Worth the read!!
12 Week Transformation is in the books! I have struggled with being overweight for as long as I can remember. The Before picture is from when I began my weight loss journey in earnest 10 years ago – after failing at a plethora of programs.
I chose to do the Transformation Program with the firm belief that I would reach a goal weight and establish a physical activity regimen. With a loss of 9# and 6”, I did not reach the magic number I had set in my head, but I gained so MUCH more.

Undoubtedly, the #wins for me started with identifying my Why. With that clarity, I began to examine all aspects of my life and learned there were many things that weren’t in alignment with my true self. Common threads identified included that I am a joiner, a doer, a pleaser, and a hanger-oner. I’ve spent years working at producing – with perfection – and investing more than my fair share. It is now clear to me that these behaviors were an attempt to validate me as a person, and in spite of some pretty incredible accomplishments, I never felt like it (or I) was enough. The past weeks have been spent scrutinizing tons of behaviors to identify if they were congruent with my Why. Then came the hard part – purging the things that didn’t fit.
Discarding behaviors and relationships doesn’t come without some sense of loss and fear. I have learned, however, that these were the very things that prohibited true personal growth. By removing some of this seemingly protective “stuff”, I have been open to receive some of the most amazing and beautiful gifts, with an acceptance of who I am at the forefront. Life is GOOD!
So here I am today: 143# less than when I started my weight loss program 10 years ago, physically active beyond what I could have imagined, and all-around healthier than I have ever been in my adult life. Is my journey complete? Absolutely not! After careful consideration, I have decided not to enroll in the Graduate Program AT THIS TIME, but when it’s right for me, I’ll be a front-row participant.
Thank you Anneliese Swingle and team members for being there for me. The journey has only begun!
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