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The road less traveled is always the hardest to travel.  It takes fortitude, due diligence and discipline to break trail.  It’s discipline that encourages movement forward into the unknown, the “uncomfortable zone”.  Don’t confuse motivation with discipline.  Discipline comes from within–it comes from traveling MANY less traveled roads, it comes from practice and routine.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on the road less traveled, but the rewards are a huge and worthwhile.  Motivation on the other hand comes from the outside.  Motivation wanes when the road becomes too arduous to follow, or mundane.  So the road becomes rocky, full of grooves and overgrown.  Because motivational rewards are short lived and often forgotten it’s easy to return to the road most traveled.  It’s familiar and comfortable.  Which road will be the one chosen today?  The road less traveled or the familiar one?

Group Cycle today in the Octane Studio 12:10 – 12:50.   Come and get your cycle on with GREAT music and GREAT company!

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