I had the privilege of watching Charlotte build her amazing web in less than an hour. I was mesmerized by her athleticism, her tenacity and her artistic ability.  Every time I thought I knew what her next move was going to be, she would completely go in a different direction.  If you look closely at the pattern you can see where she changed directions… Then I thought of all the times I had destroyed a web only to see it rebuilt the next day.  I likened it to the web of life that we weave daily.  We head in one direction on a mission and then BOOM, change of plans and we have to completely switch to a different direction. Sometimes our webs are completely destroyed and we have to start over and just like the spider, we do… but sometimes it’s not easy starting over.  Sometimes we don’t have a good place to anchor our web, so we put it off.  The more we put off starting over, the harder it is to start over.  If we just had a good anchor–something to get us started….

I've started, and I can't say there aren't times when I wish I hadn't, nor can I say there won't be more, but I keep putting one foot in front of the other.