This is a rare sight….me eating white, starchy carbs with no nutritional value.  BUT, ya know…sometimes when in Rome…you gotta try it.  Normally I don’t eat white, starchy carbs because they make me feel lethargic, bloated, gassy and tired.  I don’t like feeling like that.  But I always USED to without even knowing it until I quit.  I did a little experiment on myself.  I gave them up for a week to see if it would make a difference– and VOILA!  It did!  The bloatedness, gassiness, lethargy all went away.  My head became clearer and I realized that those types of carbs weren’t good for me.  Now is that to say I never eat that kind of stuff?  No–I believe in the 90/10 rule.  I try to eat beautifully 90% of the time and 10% I can live and still enjoy life without feeling deprived.  Want to know more about how it all works?  I would love to share with you.



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