This is what Siobhan had to say about working online with me for the last 12 weeks!  Thanks so much for sharing Siobhan!

Had my final meeting with Anneliese for the 12 week transformation today. I’m so thankful for the support I have received and am happy with my transformation. I lost 15 pounds, nearly 6% of my body fat, and 9 1/2 total inches during the 12 weeks. I learned how to keep my body properly fueled and still meet my weight loss and muscle building goals. My biggest challenge has always been gaining weight back, dropping off with workouts, and keeping a positive outlook, once the support is gone. This, I have signed up for the year course to truly make this a lifestyle change. Thanks everyone in Beautiful you for all your support and cheer leading. 

Boot camp today at Fuel Fitness:  WILD CARD!!! Bring your water, lip balm, sunscreen, hats, guts, whatever else you may need!  See you soon.  12:10 – 12:50

ANNNND….SHIRTS ARE IN!!!!  I’ll be bringing them to class!

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