Do you look at life and feel like you’re lost in the shuffle, the hustle and bustle of mundane daily work?  Does life get you down and consume all your energy until you’re depleted, exhausted and beyond repair?  Do you look at the ground and miss all that’s going on around you consumed in worry and anxiety?  Do you comfort yourself with food.  Stress eat?  Deprive yourself of sleep?  Here’s an answer to your endless struggle to find balance and happiness….
Try looking at life through a cat’s eyes.  They look at life as an abundant and infinite amount of playtime, excitement and energy.  They look at life with forward thinking, trust and positivity that there is an endless supply of food and cozy laps.  There is no room for negativity, only self love, independence and SLEEP!  Lots of sleep.  Life is simple because they don’t make it difficult.  They say NO to A LOT of things and yes ONLY to the things they want or need.  They eat when they are hungry, sleep when they are tired and PLAY like there is no tomorrow.  They believe that THAT is what life is about.  It’s about boxes, sacks, suitcases, strings, fuzzy mice, bunnies, birds and SHOWERS.  HYDRATION is very important to them.  They don’t take the basic necessities of life for granted:  eating, sleeping, hydrating and playing!
So break it down—make life easy—live like a cat!

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