I found this little baby bunny hiding in my front yard grass and I just couldn’t resist taking a pic of it.  It’s definitely that time of year…babies EVERYWHERE because spring is in the air!  That also means…..ta daaaaa “SWIMSUIT SEASON”  or shorts season or just less clothes in general season.  How does that make you feel?  Like you want to hide?  Ashamed?  Depressed?  Embarrassed?  Like you want to hole up and wait for winter to come back?  Well, I used to feel ALL of these feelings too (I know you’re rolling your eyes–but it’s absolutely true!)  I wouldn’t be here right now typing these words to you if it wasn’t true.  And if you’re reading this nodding your head to any of the feelings I hit on—then this message is for YOU!  I know where you’re at, I’ve been there done that and if I can rise out of the spring time doldrums, or ANYTIME doldrums, you can too!  All you have to do is ASK!  I did–and it was the best thing I ever did for ME!  It’s not a selfish thing, it’s a survival thing.  It saved my life.  I can save yours—I would LOVE to help.  I know how, you just have to take the first step!  By the way, that bunny stayed there ALL day while we did landscaping RIGHT next to it.  SO BLESSED!      https://workoutguru.wufoo.com/forms/mguy9iw1pojuyj/

Power Strength today on the Fuel Fitness lawn.  You coming??  12:10  Sure would love to see your smiling face there.  

You don’t need to see the entire staircase….you only need to take the first step and the rest will appear when it’s time.