I just HAD to share this amazing 12 week online transformation!  Sometimes it’s REALLY not all about the scale!  This is a MUST read til the end!  Thanks for sharing Tana!
Graduating from the 12 week group today. Had my final meeting with Anneliese Swingle this morning. This was not exactly the post i thought i would write at the end of this. not the happy -look at me i did so good and lost all this weight, etc. But the takeaway is bigger for me, much bigger. The whole point of this and the turning point of the journey was on the day i figured out my why. Important to note on this is that it took hours (8) of being alone with myself in a car to really dig down through all the old dirt to find what i really needed to find -balance and acceptance with myself. many miles and more tears later i found that why. It was transforming. really, mentally, transforming. You see, throughout the 12 week transformation timeframe i was dealing with the remnants of e-coli so i did not really lose weight or inches which is what i thought i was after. As the weeks passed and i didn’t lose weight or inches-things got real and i really, really did learn to be ok with where i am and how i look. i really learned to trust MY inner voice, not just the voices of the trainer, or the dr, or great aunt sally who also tried…. but MY inner voice. that voice spoke to me in Costco last night after the 12 weeks was over and said “do you really want those chocolate covered pretzels?” “or do they just sound good at the moment and you will forget about them as soon as you turn the corner. ” Corner turned, choice made- no pretzels. trust earned. so my message to all of you would be to get real with yourself and learn to trust your inner voice. It has brought me much freedom to enjoy life while being conscious of my decisions for my health without being an obsession.I went to the weddings, I ate the cake, i had the drink and i danced. I lived and for the first time in a long time, i enjoyed it all with no guilt. kept in mind the 5 (be good days) and 2(don’t have to be perfect days) philosophy and portion control and lo and behold things did change because my mind changed. My 12 week transformation will last a lifetime. I hope yours does too. Thanks so very much for being part of my transformation. i learned from everyone in the group. 😮)

Group Cycle today?  Or will it be?  You’ll just have to come to find out!  12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness—I just love mysteries!

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