You guys!!!  CHECK THIS OUT!!  I mean SERIOUSLY!  Raylene has worked her TAIL off to get these results and NEVER felt hungry doing it.  She never felt deprived, or cheated.  Not only can you SEE her scale wins, but wait until you READ her non-scale wins.  INCREDIBLE!!  If she can do it, ANYONE can!!  Congrats girl for your hard work and sharing your transformation story.  These are her words:


Scale win: I have lost 38 pounds which is more than I had set out to do and a total of 18.25 inches. My BMI went from 33.7 to 26.81. I still have about 15 to 20 pounds left to lose and WILL lose it!!
Non-scale wins: I am sleeping much better at night and feel rested in the morning. No longer taking 2 hour naps several times a day. My energy is through the roof and have been able to get many things done in my house and have started on the yard work. I am no longer having to check blood sugars as these have normalized along with my blood pressure normalizing. I will be seeing my physician in a month and plan to discuss getting rid of some of my medications. I have already stopped a few medications and decreased dosages on others. My clothes basically are hanging off of me but do not plan to purchase anything new just yet. I am receiving numerous compliments from various people about how good I look. My relationships with people have turned to the positive and are happy moments spent with all. I have gained my self confidence back and no longer hide myself from the public. I go out in public with my head held high and love it. It feels so good to get out and about again. I feel absolutely amazing and feel like I have “my” life back. I can look at myself in the mirror and smile now because I love what I am seeing. I have gained many friendships in this tribe and obtained a ton of knowledge from each and everyone of you. I am forever grateful for all of you who have helped sculpt me into who I am today. I have meaning and purpose now. I will never turn back to a destructive lifestyle I was living and have many plans for my future now. I will never be able to thank all of you and Anneliese enough for giving me my life back. I am forever grateful. I will be going on into the future on my own but will be present in FIT FORCE. I now have a new outlook on life and a whole new lifestyle of health and fitness. I have learned to enjoy cooking again and learning so many new, healthy recipes. You all are amazing and wish you all continued success!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😘😘💋💋💋💋

Group Cycle is happening TODAY in the Octane Studio whether you want it to or not!  You coming anyway?  It’s gonna be GREAT fun!!  OH, and I’ll be teaching Cycle for Nikki tomorrow (Wednesday 5:30) if you want to come then too!   See you soon….

Indoor Cycling and Spinning Class Motivation: Be Different - Indoor Cycling Teaching Ideas and Music Mixes. #spin class #spinning #indoorcycling #motivation

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