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If you know ANYTHING about me, you know by now I love to SHARE my client’s  amazing transformations.  It’s really NOT just about losing weight.  It’s about changing your LIFE!  It’s all the stuff we really don’t think too much about until we get to experience it.  Check out Maria’s transformation!

#12week Transformation: Remember how your sweet mom or grandma told you that pretty is on the INSIDE? Well, that is the actual story of my 12 week transformation.

I came to this program because I was frustrated that I could not get below my weight set point. I have done intermittent fasting for many weeks, and tried a diet so low in carbohydrates I hadn’t even eaten fruit in months.

I had also recently ended the longest friendship of my life, too painful to even talk about now because it had slowly gotten so toxic & negative.

Pretty soon, after joining, my non-scale wins started piling up: 1. Never day-tired 2. Never eating take-out 3. Clearer skin 4. Body confidence (fun in any relationship! – ha) 5. I finally made a couple of actual friends who encouraged me (hug you, Samantha 🌹). 6. My husband totally got on board to help and encourage 7. My tight pants started falling off. And
8. Something in my heart CHANGED.
Once I started feeding nothing but positive things into my life, my outlook changed. This is YOU, my tribe.

And for the numbers, they’re awesome too: 10 lbs lost
14 inches GONE

I could not be happier for Maria!  She CONQUERED and overcame  her weight plateau!  Congrats Maria!

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