You KNOW there’s nothing like seeing for yourself your body transform through pictures!  It’s undisputable the results of hard work.  Take a look at Cindi’s amazing 8 week transformation. Remember:  1 pound a week of weight loss is average!  Congrats Cindi!  WOW!  Read about her journey in her words:

It’s been 8 weeks since I made a decision to invest in myself. When I committed to this program is was because I was convinced I was “broken” and couldn’t lose weight. I was working out and I thought I was eating right. But the scale and pictures were saying otherwise. I was actually gaining weight.
However, over these last weeks I have learned so much and realized I was doing so many things wrong.
I have realized my journey is my own
That my gut/digestive system may the issue to not losing weight
I have more confidence in myself
I have learned that some foods I love don’t love me back
Positive Mindset is so important for me- and I need to work on it just as hard or harder than eating right and working out to lose this weight.
I have lost 7 inches throughout
Clothes are getting baggie on me.
11 pounds
I still want to use food as a celebration when times are good.
I tend to slip back into old habits of eating my comfort food.
During my last 4 weeks on this program I am going to challenge myself to the Vegan Detox. (God help me!! ) It scares the heck out of me but it’s a must to know I have done everything. Mainly because I feel that my gut is the culprit to why I can not drop the weight. As you can see in these pics I am losing inches but the scale is showing differently.

Cindi’s results are amazing, but since she still is experiencing gut issues we are going to try her out on a vegan detox protocol.  Stay tuned for her next 4 week results!  

Spinning tomorrow  at 12:10 – 12:50  Fuel Fitness.  Until we get the TRX bands up and operational, we’ll be continuing with the regular schedule.  See you soon! 

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