Can I just brag a bit…not for me but for HER!  Shanda’s progress photos speak for themselves.  But I’ll let you read for yourself:

I initially reached out to Anneliese for help with accountability and a strengthening program.   What I received, was so much more….  I found out that My “Why” is 2 fold:  1) IF I’M physically strong, feel loved and mentally tough.  2) Then I am able to give my children and the people close to me what I never knew existed until I grew up;  Love without strings attached.  I’ve been pushed to the limits positively by sports but also pushed to the limits negatively by manipulation and betrayal.  Such huge ups and downs and sometimes I lose my way….  But, I’ve found that when I feel confident, strong and fuel my body with nutrients I am capable of staying positive.  Recently I had surgery that ended up “not working” which in turn led to a 2nd surgery.  I hate needles, I hate hospitals, I hate not having control of my body while being under anesthesia.  But I did it, twice, and Anneliese was there for all of it.  This program helped me heal faster and kept my mind on track so  that I wouldn’t crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and simply be defeated…..  For me, defeat and failure are things that I simply can’t handle.  However, I get so caught up with perfection that I forget to just learn from my mistakes and move on.  Balance and Choices….  Are the key.   Thank you Anneliese.

Shanda, thank you for sharing…thank you for your honesty and thank you for putting YOU first!  AMAZING STUFF RIGHT HERE!

GROUP CYCLE like you’ve NEVER experienced before.  I think it will change your DAY!  Will I see you soon or what?  Fuel Fitness 12:10

I need this reminder, like every time I do spin! Never fails I think I'm going to die within 15 minutes!