And somehow, I knew I was capable of more.

I hated feeling self conscious about the way my clothes fit, too tight in all the wrong places, making me want to wear clothes to hide my body rather than express it.

Turning down my friends when they invited me to the lake or to do anything in shorts, because somewhere deep down, I wasn’t ready to be seen in my own skin.

Having that late night deep craving for pizza and ordering it, and while I enjoyed it, but felt the sense of guilt which comes from knowing I was caught in a vicious cycle not getting better.

I looked at other people who were fit and while for awhile I thought “must be so nice and easy for someone like that,” I later realized I had just been making excuses.

After seeing enough people transform their bodies, I realized my life wasn’t meant to be lived with guilt and feeling sorry for myself. I was meant to live a life of freedom and joy.  A life of happiness and meaning.

A life of power.


The difference came for me from meeting people, several of them who had learned to love exercise, eating healthy food, loving themselves, giving themselves a healthy mindset, taking a science and play based approach to weight loss.

Thank God I did. Thank God I fell in love with this idea…because now I’M that person.  The one that DID transform and change not only my body, but my MIND!




Think about it:  it takes just as much energy to hate your body weight and be insecure as it does to do something about it.

BOOT CAMP BABY!  Today in the Octane Studio will be some high faluting stuff!  What you say it’s time for?  How about some BOMB BURSTS??  See you soon, 12:10 – 12:50 Fuel Fitness



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