WE (I’m speaking for my personal assistant) are SO EXCITED for the Spring Fever FREE 5 day challenge coming up April 8th!  If you want to feel more comfortable wearing shorts this summer, or showing your arms in a tank top or short sleeve shirt, or having your picture taken, or going to the lake or the list goes on, then this challenge is for YOU!

WHAT is it you ask?  

  • An ONLINE 5 day intensive learning experience with ME as your coach (Trainer Tim might appear as well)

WHAT do you get?

  • Daily FB lives on different health and wellness topics
  • Mini challenges AND homework to hold you accountable
  • Daily workouts
  • Access to my AMAZING Fit Force tribe
  • Support and love like you’ve never experienced before
  • Sample meal plan with recipes

HOW can you get in?

  • Apply here NOW:  https://workoutguru.wufoo.com/forms/z1jza0cf1yr1404/

Not everyone gets to success right away but if you keep trying and stay consistent you can get there. Need someone to uplift you read this!

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