What is self care?  It’s easy to forget when it’s been SO long since you’ve done it.  Self care is literally taking time for SELF.  Meaning…. YOU!  Whatever that might look like: a bubble bath, going for a hike, taking a drive ALONE, or just being alone to ponder.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day busy-ness that we simply don’t schedule SELF or ME TIME.  So my challenge for you today— JUST for today is to take 10 minutes, yup–that’s all I’m tasking you with is 10 minutes, to spend doing something JUST for you!  Now it’s up to you to DO IT!  Don’t know HOW or where to start?  I can help!!!

Let’s get our bike groove on today!  Group Cycle at Fuel Fitness in the Octane Studio today at 12:10!  You coming??

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