Ok, ok, I get it!  Working out is HARD!!  And it should be because you are building stamina, character, endurance, strength and ENERGY!  It used to be SO HARD when I first started working out.  I thought I was gonna DIE–but miraculously I didn’t.  I lived through all those miserable push ups, burpees, squats and planks.  Now it’s FUN!  I wouldn’t say easy?  But it’s definitely not like it used to be.  It DOES get easier AND more fun the more you do it!  Want to learn how?  Want some really cool and quick workouts?  They’re FREE!  Yes!  I said FREE!  Join my FREE 7 Day Challenge on July 8th to learn all about mindset, working out and nutrition.  Apply below and SHARE this link with EVERYONE you love!  CHEERS!

Group Cycle today is gonna be CRAZY hills and sprints and bears oh my!  You gonna join me?  Let’s do this!  Fuel Fitness 12:10

Spin classes build nice @sses!