When was the last time you  made a snow angel?  built a snowman?  played kick ball?  Remember what is was like to play like a kid?  Ever wish you had the ENERGY you did when you were a kid?  Energy is a hot commodity….  Everyone wants more of it.  Does it seem like it’s out of reach? 

Do you want to have more energy to keep up with your kids/grandkids but you just can’t muster it up. 

  • Do you find it hard to garner enough energy just to make dinner and then plunk yourself down on the couch and fall asleep right after? 
  • Do you pour yourself into bed exhausted, wake up exhausted, live on coffee, pop, sugar  and fast food to keep the candle at least lit? 
  • Do you feel guilty that you don’t have the energy to play with your kids, or your grandkids and mentally beat yourself up over it?  If these things sound familiar–let me release you from your guilt! 


You’re stuck in  never enough time, never enough energy cycle!  You’ve created a great life with your family, but now you don’t have enough energy or time to enjoy it!  


It can when you start putting YOU first!  Yep, as hard as that is to hear–you HAVE to come first.  You can take care of anyone else unless you start taking care of YOU first.  All you need is:

  • A strategy
  • Mindset re-frame
  • Accountability

And YOU will have ALL the energy you AND your kids or grandkids can handle!!  Cheers to transforming!

Today in Boot Camp we’re gonna shoot for some TABATA!  You ready? See you in the Octane Studio Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50

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