Another 12 week transformation!  Thanks so much Travis for sharing your results.  This is what Travis has to say:
20180724_221018.jpgIMG_1949 (1)
Hello friends! So here are my results from the 12 week transformation:
15 lbs lost
13” lost.

I gained muscle too. 1” on my biceps.
Went from a 41” waist down to 35.5”. Clothes fit better.
Shout out to all of you and my beautiful wife for taking the journey with me. Also, thank you, Anneliese Swingle for your amazing program, energy and the much needed mindset reset.
The journey continues and I have goals I still need to meet.
Thanks everyone!
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Wednesday Boot Camp looks like this:  lotsa laughs, lotsa sweat, a little cardio, a little strength and a LOT of sun!  BRING WATER!   

Nothing in life is free.  No matter what it is—you pay for it.  You can pay for your health or you can pay for your disease.  One way or another, you will pay…