This pissed me off today.


‘Saw a post today in my FB feed which showed a supplement someone used and then compared it with a before and after picture.

It was as if the company was claiming the supplement lost them all the work.

Sadly, this is the the kind of stuff  the health industry is selling these days. Lies.


In fact, most of the health industry makes more money if you stay stuck in your health rather than transforming.

Think about doctors and hospitals even…how do most of them make money? When you get sick more often and keep showing up. They’re not motivated to make you long term healthy. They’re incentivized to get you well for the moment, but not stable in your health over the long term.


But yet that’s what you think you’re buying. And you’re not.

One of the big reasons I became a coach is to expose these lies, because in the end, I only want to succeed through my clients LONG TERM SUCCESS.


Not through a gimmick, not a single form of powder,


But by changing the way they think, feel, and behave…in a way which is fun, simple, and TRULY healthy.


Stop believing the big fat lies of the people holding you back…many of them network marketers, or supplement companies, or some fancy new app.


It’s a gimmick, and the real, integrated, sustainable solution is the only thing standing in the way of you waking up to a different body and mind 30 days from now…


The truth, and the truth alone…will set you free.


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Because You'd Rather Lift Weights Than Do Cardio

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