Rates And Services

Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise
SACE includes a head to toe joint assessment that uncovers structural deviations causing chronic pain. SACE includes myofascial release techniques, active stretching, as well as specific corrective exercises. SACE treats the cause of chronic pain rather than the symptoms.
1 Session $100    
5 Sessions $400    
Personal Training
20140724_093617PT is one on one instruction regarding cardiovascular fitness training as well as strength conditioning. It includes a results oriented, specialized program complete with homework assignments designed to meet specific client goals.
Single Session $75    
4 Sessions $300    
8 Sessions $550    
Monthly rate  1x/week $200 2x/week $400 3x/week $600
Group Training
GT allows clients to work with partners in a non-competitive setting. The synergy of group training allows clients to work20140707_175557 harder yet stay within their comfort zones while encouraging camaraderie. Groups consist of 2 or more people. (Session prices are per person)
2 People 3 People 4 People
Monthly only $140 each person $120 each person $100 each person


Health Coaching
HC assesses current lifestyle behaviors, eating patterns and exercise routines enabling a client/coach partnership to help the client find time, rediscover passions, and rebuild lifestyle behaviors that work within the framework of their busy life.
30 minutes only      
5 Sessions $200    
10 Sessions $350    
20 Sessions $600    
Nutrition Consultation (Via Email)
Nutritional consulting consists of clients sending weekly food diaries to consultant via email every three days. Client and consultant work together planning and strategizing food choices and meal preparation that works for the family and the client.
4 Weeks $110    
8 Weeks $165    
12 Weeks $185    
Body Composition Analysis
Step on an electrical impedance scale to discover your body weight, percent body fat, lean muscle mass, fat mass and total body water. Set your goal and find out what it will take to get there.
$25 for 2 body comps
Online Workouts
Online workouts are designed to meet your specific needs on your own time schedule.  Request a customized workout using body weight, or any home/gym equipment you’ve been dying to try.  Workout comes with detailed printout and YouTube video.  Email me at anneliesetrainer2@gmail.com for details.
$35 per workout