About the Select Balance Scans

The Select Balance Program

The Select Balance Program utilizes technology called a Zyto Scan, to gather information by measuring the galvanic skin response to stimuli.  This bio-communication then offers insight to biological preferences your body has or needs and generates a report with the findings.  The report lists supplements needed and preferable and non-preferable food choices in order to bring your body back into balance. 

For more information visit:  https://cdn.zyto.com/zytosite/en/pdf/MRK-01786-A_hiw_online.pdf

To schedule a scan contact Anneliese at anneliesetrainer2@gmail.com

 Zyto technology is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or medical condition.  The diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions should only be undertaken by qualified medical professional.  Zyto professional software provides general wellness information, including information about biological coherence, and should not be used without the involvement of licensed healthcare professionals.