What can I say except….LOOK AT THOSE ABS!!  WOW!  This is ONLY in 8 weeks!  Dory has worked her belly plumb off.  When she approached me about working with me she knew something had to change.  She already worked out, so that wasn’t going to be an issue.  Dory truly thought she was eating right as well.  She knew she probably had a few changes that needed to be made, but wasn’t sure what they were.  I LOVE working with people who REALLY want to change because they DO get the best results!  

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8 week #testimonial:
scale wins – 13.5 pounds lost.
non-scale wins – I feel overall wellness, have more energy, and while it sounds odd I’m just happier. I so love reading posts and learning through this supportive group. I am inspired by the hard work, determination, and perseverance you all give to improving life!
what I’ve learned – I met my weight loss goal but I’m going for 4 more pounds. Anneliese and I had the conversation that maybe my body won’t cooperate with me. I have struggled to do much more than go up and down a few ounces since I hit 124 a week or so ago. I’m still going for it – gonna Ninja-ize and detox!
I also learned I won’t be good at sustaining unless I find a good meal order service. I soooo dislike meal planning and grocery shopping and have found myself eating the same meals.  Goals for next 4 weeks – Get the final pounds off!! Find a good meal service. ENJOY working out with less weight to haul around! 

Congrats Dory!  

Come see what Nichole has up her sleeve for you!  She’s promised me she won’t disappoint you.  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50  (all you have to do is SHOW UP!)

Are you just not feeling motivated enough today to get through your workout routine? Well, these fitness motivation quotes will definitely help! #fitspiration #motivation #motivationalquotes #quotes #fitness

There are days when you just gotta DO IT!  You just have to support your loved one when they want to go to Butte and watch the ACDC cover band “Hells Bells”, eat a fabulous meal, hang out for 3 hours before they come on, watch them in awe, get your pic taken with the insanely (and crazy) guitar player and then drive home late at night.  It’s what we do to support each others dreams, wishes, realities etc.  P.S.  If you HAVEN’T seen Hells Bells and you LOVE ACDC then you GOTTA see them!  They are fantastic!  

What crazy things have you done to support YOUR loved one?  GO!

Congrats to the amazing women who hopped on board to transform their lives!  Kick off is TODAY!  I can’t wait to share what the next 12 weeks brings to them!  Stay tuned!!  WOOT!


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