Are you READY!!!  It’s time for our next 5 day FREE challenge.  This challenge is like non other!  It will be ALL about “GETTING TO THE CORE OF IT!”  Meaning:  in the kitchen, with your gut health and in the GYM!  If you’re looking to understand more about YOUR core and how you can strengthen it internally and externally, then this challenge is for YOU! All you need to do is apply!  No experience necessary.  The challenge will be held ONLINE and if you know someone who needs this, then by all means SHARE the link to apply with them!  Sign up here:

Bootcamp is ON!  OUTSIDE!!  You coming? (it’s a H.I.I.T. kind of day) Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 We’ll be doing Bootcamp on Wednesday’s until the TRX bands are installed, then we’ll move THIS class to TUESDAYS!  You coming?

Marine Boot Camp Encouragement Quotes


How is it Labor Day Weekend already??  What’s on your docket?  Inquiring minds want to know!!

I am working on some PRETTY exciting things coming up in September.  Namely…..ta da….. another 5 day FREE challenge.  This one is like NO other!  It is CORE based in nature.  Oh I can’t WAIT to unveil all the deets to come!  

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for September 23rd kick off!  Share with your family and friends if you want to know how to “Get to the Core of it”

Cheers to transforming!


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