Yep, I just got back from Italy and let me tell you something…they know HOW to make Gelato.  That’s just one of the many things they are doing right.  They really have the food dialed in.  I’ve never in my life eaten such clean, amazingly tasty food.  If you’ve ever been–then you know what I’m talking about.  Here’s my take on what I learned:

  1.  They eat ONLY organic food.  They do not use pesticides, or weed killer.
  2.   They do not drink cappuccinos’ after 11:00
  3.   They do not use microwaves
  4.   They drink wine with every meal except breakfast
  5.   They air dry all of their clothes
  6.   They eat slow food and are a huge part of the slow food movement
  7.   They put olive oil on EVERYTHING
  8.   They eat bread with every meal
  9.   They do NOT overeat
  10.   They have the smallest streets I’ve ever been on

Now of course, I’m generalizing–but truly, the Italians got it going on when it comes to living simply and cleanly.  I was fascinated by their zest for life and for food.  They appreciate the land and utilize it to it’s fullest.  NOTHING goes to waste.  Stay tuned for more on this subject.  And by all means SHARE your experiences!

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