There are days when you just gotta DO IT!  You just have to support your loved one when they want to go to Butte and watch the ACDC cover band “Hells Bells”, eat a fabulous meal, hang out for 3 hours before they come on, watch them in awe, get your pic taken with the insanely (and crazy) guitar player and then drive home late at night.  It’s what we do to support each others dreams, wishes, realities etc.  P.S.  If you HAVEN’T seen Hells Bells and you LOVE ACDC then you GOTTA see them!  They are fantastic!  

What crazy things have you done to support YOUR loved one?  GO!

Congrats to the amazing women who hopped on board to transform their lives!  Kick off is TODAY!  I can’t wait to share what the next 12 weeks brings to them!  Stay tuned!!  WOOT!


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