When I first started working as a personal trainer, I occasionally worked with people who had an injury of some sort that would say “when I do ‘this’ my ‘shoulder’ hurts”.  So, I HATED saying… well, don’t DO that.  It just didn’t sit well with me to NOT be able to help them….so what did I do?  Went BACK to school.  I received my Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise cert so I wouldn’t ever have to say:  “well, don’t do that” ever again.  Now I get to help people get their functional movement back.  As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I look the CAUSE of the problem not the symptom.  It’s like putting a puzzle together.  In this pic I’m helping strengthen the rotators, while stretching the anterior delts.  This exercise is for rotator injuries:

  • palms up, hold a resistance band in your hands, pulling it apart using only your muscles between your shoulder blades.
  • release the fascia between the blades first by lying on your back with a tennis ball between your spinal column and shoulder blade looking for pain points
  • elbows can be a 90 degree angle as in this pic, or a 45 degree angle depending on which rotator cuff muscles are affected (always work both arms)

Questions?  Shoot them my way.  

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