!! Do you feel like you’re holding the weight of the world in your hands? 

!! Does it seem like the world will crumble if you’re not taking care of EVERYTHING?

!!  Is everyone else a priority?  

!!  Is there NEVER enough time in the day?

!!  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, exhausted, run down and depleted?  

!!  Do you want to run away?

I get it!  I was YOU!  When does it turn around and become YOUR turn?

When you say YES to YOU!!!

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Motivational Quotes for Working Out


Hey ya’ll what are your plans for motivation Monday!  What are you gonna do to MOVE today?  

I was fortunate enough to get out and hike our beautiful Mt. Helena with 2 of my besties!  Tim and Renee Q.  and her every so faithful pup Klover.  

I’m throwing out a challenge to ALL my friends to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and all that it has to offer and POST a PIC!  I LOVE seeing what you’re all doing!



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I know there are days you JUST don’t feel like working out.  I get it–I really do.  And I know some days you don’t even THINK about working out.  In fact, you can’t even REMEMBER the last time you worked out!  I hear you…that used to be me.  I was SO out of shape I couldn’t even remember what it was like to feel good in my own skin, let alone feel good at all.  I had no energy, no motivation, no love for life.  I was stuck.  I was at a health crisis…I bottomed out my thyroid and I needed to make some serious changes.  So I did…  I hired a coach and I made some major lifestyle changes!   Was it hard?  Yes!   Was I desperate?  Yes!!  Was it worth it?  YES!!!  Was it the best thing I ever did?  YES!!!  I always say:  “if it was easy, EVERYONE would do it!”  You can quote me om that!  Just DO IT!  All you have to do is REACH OUT!!  


Bootcamp Baby!  Today at Fuel Fitness in the Octane studio we’ll be doing some Pyramids!  Holy Catfish…it’s been awhile!  See you soon??  Bring a friend if you like!  HOO RAH!


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