!! Do you feel like you’re holding the weight of the world in your hands? 

!! Does it seem like the world will crumble if you’re not taking care of EVERYTHING?

!!  Is everyone else a priority?  

!!  Is there NEVER enough time in the day?

!!  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, exhausted, run down and depleted?  

!!  Do you want to run away?

I get it!  I was YOU!  When does it turn around and become YOUR turn?

When you say YES to YOU!!!

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Motivational Quotes for Working Out


The hardest thing you might do today could be getting out of bed.  ORRRRRR a push up row!  Let’s break down what’s “really” happening here:

  • you’re in a plank position with hands on dumbbells
  • you’re supporting your body weight only on your hands and toes
  • you’re bringing your body weight closer to the ground where the gravitational pull is greater
  • you’re pushing away from gravity while pulling a weight into your hip pocket 
  • you’re stabilizing the pull with just one arm now

Seems easy in theory, but there’s a TON going on all at the same time.  


Speaking of bodies….do you want to CHANGE YOUR BODY?  Then you probably need to CHANGE YOUR MIND!  I’m talking your mindset.  If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you know I transform lives.  I’ve been transforming lives for 28 years now, and MINDSET is a big part of transformation.  If you’ve been thinking about making some changes but just don’t know where to start or have tried everything and nothing work….then maybe it’s time you tried something that DOES work.  I’m taking applications for our next 12 week Enlightenment transformation program.  We kick off July 29th and the slots are filling up.  So, CHANGE YOUR MIND and apply!  Deadline is Saturday high noon!

Power Strength today at Fuel Fitness AND the final photo shoot day!  You coming?  12:10 – 12:50 See you soon.  

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Every day is a new day…  I love sunrises!!  They are truly a promise of  a brand new opportunity.  There’s no looking back, can’t change what happened yesterday–no need to dwell on it.  It’s over and done.  All you can focus on or change is what you can do TODAY to make it better.  This mindset shift seems simple in theory, but harder in real life application.  I coach my clients on this all the time.  Here are some simple tips you can start implementing TODAY!

  1. Journal daily 3 things you are grateful for 
  2. Monitor your thoughts, when you start to go down the rabbit hole–redirect yourself  back to what you’re grateful for
  3. Focus on what you CAN change, not on HOW you can’t (or never will change)
  4. CHOOSE to have a great day
  5. Journal nightly at least ONE thing you are proud of for the day

I promise you implementing ANY of these little tips will change your attitude from negative to positive thinking.  Cheers to transformation!

Power Strength is about to take place in the Octane studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 You coming??

Even Santa has a fitness center at the North Pole!  No one is immune from working out…so don’t discount the value of busting your butt in the gym.  You know you have to do it, but WHY!??  Have you ever really wondered WHY? Here’s WHY in a nutshell:

  • boosts your metabolism
  • gives you energy
  • helps you sleep better
  • builds confidence
  • changes your mindset
  • helps you make better food choices
  • burns calories

These are just a FEW things that help Santa (and you) deliver…. and have a GREAT day!  Cheers to 2019 and WORKING OUT!

Boot Camp is BACK in session and in FULL swing!  Are you ready to rock your first Boot Camp class in 2019?  Let’s DO IT!  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 in the Octane Studio.  See you soon!


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