Who’s YOUR tribe?

Do you have a group of friends, family, confidants, or significant other  you can rely on to support you, hold you accountable and show up for you?  

Because let’s face it…we’re really ALL in this together!  It’s proven:  people who sweat together, show up together, STAY together!  It’s harder to miss a workout when you know others are there counting on you.  There’s something to be said about misery LOVES company.  And we LOVE to complain and groan together right?  

Not only does working out with a tribe build camaraderie, it builds long lasting relationships.  Being a part of a tribe sets a standard of encouraging one another to make it through that one last set.  It provides a sense of pride and accomplishment of another job well done. Being able to high 5 each other afterwards is SO rewarding and empowering. 

So, WHO is your tribe?  And if you DON’T have one GET one!  If you can’t find one…GET IN TOUCH WITH ME and I’ll totally help you out! 

Cheers to sweating together and achieving a common goal:  TRANSFORMATION!  

Speaking of transforming…you coming to BOOT CAMP today?  I think there will be some SPRINTING involved.  You coming?  Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 OUTSIDE!

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