What would it be like to just hop on a paddle board, do a handstand and have someone capture it on video?  Well, ask Tim–that’s him out there.  This my friends is a HUGE testament to what working out can do for a person.  Does he workout every day?  Nah, does he do it enough to maintain his strength YAH!  That’s all you gotta REALLY do!  You HAVE to strength train AT LEAST two times a week.  The whole adage:  use it or lose it really does apply here!  (It didn’t hurt that he had quite an audience)  haha!  

3 cheers to WORKING OUT!  Hip Hip HOORAY!

Speaking of working out:  Today we’ll be doing some pretty narly Ninja stuff.  YIKES!  Bring your water ok?  We’ll be outside AGAIN in the sun, so be prepared!  Boot Camp is on tap in the Fuel Fitness GRASS!  12:10 – 12:50 

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Vacationing is hard! I mean… let’s be real. The fun, the food, the weight gain… its tough.  So, yah sounds like I’m complaining– but I’m really not, because my philosophy is YOU GOTTA LIVE! It’s literally what I preach.  But here’s the kicker…. YOU CAN’T LIVE EVERY DAY.  Right? It’s truly about balance.  

Once you reach your ideal body weight it’s actually tougher to maintain it.  The easy part is losing it.  

It’s not about deprivation EVER! It’s not ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  It’s about what works for you. And discovering that.  It’s pretty hard to figure that out alone, but because I’ve been at this for… ok 28 years, there! I said it…. I’ve got it dialed in. 

It’s SUPER fun helping others dial it in. 

Yes, I gained 6 lbs vacationing for a week, but I know EXACTLY what to do to get it off in the LEAST amount of time.  

By following protocol I’m already down 3.2 lbs in just one day.  Ok,  ok…. a lot of that is water, but what happens when that’s back to normal?

Stay tuned and find out—

Cheers to vacations and living!

It’s BOOT CAMP WEDNESDAY! You ready for some Bosu? I’m thinking the weather may not cooperate.  So we may be inside.  Fuel Fitness 12:10-12:50. See you soon!

Taking the first step to change is ALWAYS the hardest! Once you take it, there’s never regret only more change.