Does weight loss seem like an uphill battle?  Like everything you’ve tried just doesn’t work.  You have the perfect plan, it works for awhile, then you stall–get frustrated and then quit.  Or maybe you’ve tried every diet out there and nothing seems to work  so you give up.  How about, you work out like a fiend, eat right do all the “right things” and STILL can’t shake the weight?  You’ve given up carbs, you’ve given up sugar, you’ve starved yourself and NOTHING.  Do you feel like it’s a losing battle, so it’s easier to just quit fighting?  

If it’s EXHAUSTING being exhausted quit fighting and join the tribe!  The transformation tribe!  I’m looking for 4 amazing women who are ready to WIN the battle once and for all.  

If you’re ready,  I have 4 slots available in my Enlightened Transformation program!  Hit me up and let’s see if my program JUST might be the answer you’ve been looking for.  

It’s NOT a diet

It’s not a supplement program

It’s based on REAL food and what works for YOU!

Comment below: I want to apply!

Your body AND mind will thank you…

It’s a BOOT CAMP day at Fuel Fitness.  We’ll be doing HIGH 5’s today outside on the lawn.  Bring WATER, sunscreen, a hat, lip balm and your able body.  We’re gonna sweat out some toxins and have fun while doing it!  You coming?  12:10 – 12:50

Be Stronger Than Your Strongest Excuse

This girl….THIS one right here, I can’t say enough about.  I love when people FINALLY decide it’s the RIGHT time for them to change because they’ve tried everything else, they’ve watched other transformations, they are just sick and tired of being sick and tired of nothing working.  Her story says it all!  Congrats Tracy! I just couldn’t be happier for you saying YES to YOU!  MMMWAH!

Today marks the end of my Enlightened journey. Reflecting back to the beginning, I was in a state of frustration. I tried many different eating plans including WW, South Beach, low fat, low carb, macro counting, etc. While I experienced results the first couple of weeks, I quickly plateaued and none of the programs resulted in the lifestyle change I was searching for. I was diligent at working out as long as I had a plan, but my favorite free workout app suddenly removed their plans (3 to 6 week full exercise programs) and went with collections (still a great resource but it no longer provided me with a structured scheduled plan). I never was much for drinking plain water (so I was dehydrated), I was under eating, and I took a maintenance medication for GERD. I had been following Anneliese on social media and one of her Transformation Tuesdays encouraged me to reach out. Anneliese and I talked and decided I would be a good fit for her program. We set my goal, she recommended shooting for 10 pounds and I told her I wanted to target losing 10% of my weight.

Fast forward to today, I have transformed. Completely transformed. Not just my body, but my mind, my heart, my lifestyle. I eat REAL food and I love it! I eat more calories than I have on any other “diet”. I very rarely experience GERD and I no longer take the maintenance medications. I have received many compliments on my complexion and that I look “happy and healthy”.

In addition to these non-scale wins, I exceeded my 10% goal by nearly 3%. I’ve lost 19 pounds, 3 inches from my chest, 5.5 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my hips, 2 inches from my thighs, half an inch from my calves, and 1.5 inches from my arms.

I am extremely grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained from Anneliese. She never hesitated once to help me when I was struggling and she helped me break through challenges. I am also extremely thankful for the support from my family, friends, and the other program participants. It’s important to have support and encouragement to be successful.

I am sad that the Enlightenment journey has come to an end, but I am confident that I will sustain this lifestyle change. And, I will continue on in the Energized Workout group and Fit Force. Many thanks and love to you all!

Group CYCLE today in the Octane studio at Fuel Fitness 12:10 – 12:50 WHO’S COMING?